"Three Raags" live in Kolkatta 2006

Stefano Moro 1998

Amit Heri & Holger 1996

Modern String Quartet 1989

Fischbacher Group & MSQ 1990


In the last years years Holger is strongly directed towards playing and performing with the electric violin. His favored styles are jazz and fusion.

He is currently traveling through the U.S. reaching out for new artistic projects.

"Haiku" listen ... "Solar" listen ...

from the album

"Strange Fruits"
of the fusion/jazz band Three Raags

Holger Jetter - violin
Mishko M'Ba - bass
Suresh Bascara - drums

“LITTLE WALTZ” listen ...
A pre-release from Matthew Littlewood>'s
latest recording in process.

Matt Littlewood - piano and sax
Holger Jetter- guitar
Mishko M’Ba - bass
Suresh Bascara - drums
listen ...
A project with saxophonist/composer/pianist
Matthew Littlewood.

Matt Littlewood - piano and sax
Holger Jetter - electric guitar and strings

"WINDSELF" listen ...
Compositions by Stef,

created by Holger Jetter and his friend
and fellow Aurovilian - Stefano Moro

Excerpt of a live recording
of a composition by Amit Heri

Amit Heri - jazz guitar
Holger Jetter - violin
Roberto Narain - drums
Keith Peters - bass

listen ...
Excerpt of a piece by Holger Jetter.

Holger Jetter toured for six years with the
Modern String Quartet.
During that time they released two Cds,
"Elephants and Strings" and
"Jazz für Streichquartett"
both available with "Mood records" and “2001”

Jörg Widmoser - violin
Holger Jetter - violin
Andreas Höricht - viola
Jost Hecker - cello

"CHARLIE'S" listen ...
A ballad by Holger Jetter
Mathias Bröde - Harmonica

A collaboration of the Fischbacher Group
with the Modern String Quartet
culminated in a fine CD called
"Spots from the Academy".